What is doubt? Why do we doubt? Doubting is when we stop believing in ourselves, and start believing in other people and their decisions. Because honestly, when you doubt yourself, you’re waiting for someone else’s actions to drive you. When you doubt yourself on whether you should talk to the person you like, you’re letting that person hold power over you, and they don’t even know it. You just wait for them to make the first move, any move to be honest. And then you go. But why are you waiting? Do you realize that because of that decision to wait, you may have missed your one chance to show them you really mean something? That you’re initiative, outgoing, you’re not afraid….you had no doubt. 

To them, it may have been seen as “laying low” or taking it easy until you wanna be serious. But lets be real, you’re only fooling yourself. Because if you doubted yourself the first time you tried, you’ll doubt yourself forever. Break free from your shell, learn to live with no regret, no doubt. Because that truly is the life to live.

I just want to walk up to some of these girls on campus and say “you’re absolutely gorgeous, why aren’t we hanging out”


No one should ever be alone. In a person’s life, to be alone is to suffer the worst of punishments. To lie alone in a cold bed, allowing endless thoughts to walk through dreams like aisles in a supermarket. Pure thoughts eventually turn to doubts, to danger. In the end, those thoughts exist only to torment the dreamer, questioning and prodding, asking why the dreamer is so…alone. The dreamer then must linger in the anguish, the feelings of self-doubt, and failed expectations. Why are they so alone? What did they do…wrong? Wrong is the true question of why people feel alone. Thoughts are the most powerful tools to life, for they fuel the fire in a person. Eventually, thoughts turn to action, action turns to consequence, and consequence turns to the dreamer. They must lie awake in that cold bed and wonder which thought, which action had caused wrong. Something to cross a certain threshold, and repel someone, anyone, that could potentially comfort the dreamer. That’s all the dreamer wants, anyways. They want someone, anyone to be there, to tell him that someone thinks they matter. To let them know “hey, you’re not all that bad, I’m still here”. The dreamer will smile in their mind, creating a false reality where this situation happens, that they are not alone. But in the end, all dreamers must wake. They must wake.

- I love writing stuff like this. Just let my thoughts wander. 

Just in case you forgot…or in case you haven’t heard. Tupac still goes too hard for competition. Guarantee this goes harder then any drake song you think you love.

Tupac - Ghost

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AyeJim - “Best who ever did it”